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It’s all in the timing…


The thing about comedy is it makes you laugh.

Caitlin Moran

Serious and intense stuff is all very good and no one enjoys a graphic telling of a human story which preaches the quintessential truth about life more than me. But as Caitlin Moran, one of my favourite writers says,

‘How many penetrating insights in to human nature do you need in one lifetime? Two? Three? Once you’ve realized that no one has a clue what they’re doing, either, any further insights in to human nature just start getting depressing, really.’

Well ask the actors who have been so prolifically profiled on this blog. They should know…

So to answer your question, what is OQ up to these days (we are simply going to assume you asked instead of assuming that you were just sitting around at home minding your own business) – Well, they are trying to make people laugh. I mean, we are trying to make people laugh. WE. US. Or maybe it’s just me. ( Look theatre is all about embracing the inner schizophrenic, so try not to read too much in to the use of pronouns.)

Circa 2008, that was the last time we tried to be funny. Well, actually, we tried to be scary, what with doing a play about ghosts and evil and possession and all. But the audience ended up laughing, so the paranormal stage-drama ‘All that remains…’ could very well be called our best-known comedy.


After that we tried to channel communal angst in to humour through Saadat Hasan Manto’s ‘Toba Tek Singh’, however even the lunacy of the asylum, one could argue was a tad bit over-shadowed by all the Muslim girls getting raped on the Train to Pakistan. And then, feminism, the violent, aggressive kind, not the funny let’s-wear-bloomers-and-drink-tequila-without-male-escorts kind took over and we’ve basically been on a two-year binge of self-righteousness, do-goodery, we-are-going-to-scream-till-kingdom-come theatre where the intensity was where the party was at – every night, till the neighbours complained and got us kicked out of the rehearsal space.

But now, in this not yet stale New Year, the timing is right, nay, it is perfect, for some humour. I mean it’s only fair, once we’ve shown you what blooming sods you are, we might as well give you a way to laugh at yourselves, if for nothing else, at least to ease some of the post-budget suicidal tendencies. And thus, right now, I am finally allowed to reveal the secret – OQ is working on an awesome comedy, which comprises mainly of the errors of a girl who is very late for a deadline, a God-fearing Stand-up comic and a very drunk investment banker. Suck on that Ogden Nash!


Disclaimer: Caitlin Moran, please don’t sue us for infringement of copyright or some such, we even put in a nice caricature of you to establish that those two lines are your work.

Fans of Ogden Nash, suck on it! No, seriously, don’t report us.