Step 1: Make a Video


20130621_234541 (1)

So what precisely is the formula to make a play a commercial success?

Sugar, spice and all things nice?

Nah, we tried that, it didn’t work.  But for a while we felt really good about ourselves.

So,  it is time to try some new things and do some old things in a new way.

The mood and mode is set and OQ is burning some serious amounts of midnight oil getting things in to gear for their new production: Bachelor Auction – and if you think you’ve guessed what this play is about, you’re probably right. But then again, maybe you’re not. However, guessing and kissing games aside, in addition to making interesting new work for the stage, this time, the focus is also on making the rent.

And sooooo…

Step 1: Make a Video

Three really hot and hard-working men. One amazingly gorgeous girl. One talented cinematographer (hey, if horn-tooting doesn’t begin at home, what does?). Three days of shooting across the city (most of it legally). And two nights of editing.

The results of course will be online for all to see after a few days of tweaking and polishing.

As will Step 2 of this process…

Because theatre that pays for itself is no longer a pipe dream.


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