White Noise goes to Kolkata


We are in the middle of raising funds for our new production, yes. We are also in the middle of preparing our play ‘White Noise’ for its Kolkata debut. For when art proliferates, dams are broken and you end up rehearsing for Jekyll and Hyde kinda within a span of two and a half hours.

White Noise might as well be OQ’s seminal work – a coming of age if you will, of the feminist, radical and avant-garde principles that drive our work. Our foremost production that has survived the test of time and more importantly geography. This is our third trip out of Pune and the sky shining with rainbows seems like the limit all of a sudden! Especially, since the play, with an original cast of 8, is now being done by just 2 actors. But, enough about us. It’s time to applaud the reason we have this wonderful opportunity – The Arshinagar Project!


Based in Kolkata, the Arshinagar Project represents the spirit of theatre as it exists in artists’ hearts today – a theatre that is community-driven yet individual in its expression, a theatre that cares for people and the innovative zest that drives them to create. As within, so without and thus does Arshinagar take journeys of self-awareness through performance. From the Quawwals of Delhi and the Bauls of Bengal to Shakespeare workshops in the mountains, Arshinagar does it all with applomb and a desire only to let the art proliferate.

OQ is lucky to be invited to the Bordersongs Festival 2013 brought to you by the Arshinagar Project. To know more and to help theatre out, please do log on to



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