Step 3: Pitch Bitch!


If this is step 4, forgive me for missing a step or two… but seriously, if you are looking to promote anything in this day and age of visual madness, you are going to need a


But it can’t just be any video – it has to be awesome and innovative and funny and engaging… because, the bottom line ladies and gentlemen, is

You’re an artist! It’s your job to make things interesting!


But on a very serious note, a pitch video for


is important.

And it is, fortunately or unfortunately, a real test of  how well your team works together. Can they bring it and stick through the grueling conceptualization sessions and the takes and retakes that getting it right takes? Can they become the brains and brawn of the operation when a certain key cog is having difficulty turning? Can they, when push comes to shove, sit there and smile for the camera when they’re hungry and tired and really need a smoke?

And it’s through days like this, that one realizes why theatre exists and why groups like OQ survive. They survive, they thrive and stride forward because when push comes to shove, people deliver…

Lines written at the last minute

Ideas that can inflate even the most tired of minds

Confidence that counts

but mostly they deliver hope that it is possible for people to come together and work, with nothing more to gain than the chance to create and see a production through.

You will of course be receiving the low-down on who exactly these people are soon.

I promise.

And do stay tuned to see the pitch video that this article was actually supposed to be about.


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