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Q’Workshops and the OQ Artists Collective


How do go about creating solutions for a world gone wild? You get the most creative people you know – writers, designers, theatremakers, story-tellers – in to a space… and they will find a way – always.


This weekend, somewhere in New York, Creative Time and the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum will present Between the Door and the Street, a major public performance by the internationally celebrated artist Suzanne Lacy, perhaps the most important socially-engaged artist working today. On October 19, some 300 women and a few men–all selected to represent a cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives–will gather on the stoops along a residential street in Brooklyn, where they will engage in unscripted conversations about a variety of issues related to gender politics today. Anyone can drop by, wander among the groups, listen to what they are saying, and form their own opinions!

Anyone with half a brain-cell can see that this will probably get more people thinking in a day than Germaine Greer, with all due respect, probably got thinking over her lifetime. 1

This and stuff like this is happening the world over, where the onus of social engagement is shifting from NGOs and social-workers to artists who create and innovate new ideas in to the consciousness of the general public. However, such work is to execute, especially in India, especially in Pune, where even the average artist is conservative and would rather live in the bubble of ‘they’ll never get this’ than experiment and find a way to make them get it…

The OQ Artists’ Collective – is trying to change that particular mindset of artists – through Q’Workshops and the various crazy things that we do at Malaka Spice. We want to create unconventional performance and also foster people who will perform unconventionally. So if you’re looking for a place to try out that whacky idea, a space where your craziness will be appreciated and channeled, and people who are working towards a system of connecting the community and the artist… what can we say, stop sitting on that goddamn fence, jump off and join the revolution!

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