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Answer the Call


We are real artists with real problems.

Theatre is not a viable profession in India. We have little to no Government funding for the arts, very few institutes that teach drama and train actors, directors and technicians and no Broadway. We do have a Sanjay Leela Bansali, but he seems hell bent on filming his extravagant stage plays and leaving us very confused. Thus in short we have generations growing up believing that theatre is not an industry and that the only choice for them, if they are brave enough, is to live and breathe the struggle in that mystical albeit smoggy City of Dreams – Mumbai. 

But offering known statistics and venting collective depression  has rarely, if ever, changed anything. I mean, even the Absurdists got tired of it. So here is our little attempt to set in to motion something that we think will make a difference. It’s a theatre festival. An English Theatre Festival. In little ol’ Pune City. From a distance, it’s nothing bigger or more significant than any other theatre festival in any part of the world. There will be some good plays (mostly from Mumbai, yes, but also OQ’s much awaited man-i-zing comedy), some local productions, music, workshops, discussions and a bunch of fun things that should keep the local newspapers and radio channels juiced up if the event is managed and marketed right. It’s nothing new. Yet, it is the first performing arts festival in the city that emphasizes English theatre. It is the first time that an organization known for fostering and supporting Marathi theatre is coming together to create an English Theatre movement in the city. It is the first time, we are looking at mentoring and guiding people who could very well turn out to be the future professionals of theatre in the city. People who will not only come together to make good plays, but a community that will come together to support them and help them sustain their art.

We are real artists with real problems.

But problems cannot exist without solutions. It’s simply a question of beginning the search. The point isn’t who gets to the end first, but who paves the way.

We’ve waited long enough for the world to change. Now it’s time to answer the call.

Keep Calm