Our Way


The day draws closer and the feeling that this might be too big to handle, closes in. 

You get lost sometimes, doing what you do – loosing track of time, space and often people –  creating work and making dreams come true. And theatre binds you with this sense of impermanence – a feeling of everything being momentary, everything being live and instantaneous, intense and emotional and then when the show is done and the audience is gone and you are left sweeping up the dregs of performance on stage – you begin to wonder why it was that you started and what it is that you are left with. 

This is our – my – personal reminder… 

Pukaar started off as a pipe-dream to make plays happen and is now a six day theatre and performance festival that is a little over 24 hours away from becoming reality. In the process, we made a lot of connections, broke some too, learned to work together and got smarter at what we do. We made progress, we made mistakes, we made promises and we did our best to keep them. We discovered the most devious, dysfunctional individuals and we gained the privilege of working with some of the most gifted, generous and genuine people. Mostly we worked our ass off… OQ got the chance to bring on board two absolute gems, Kanika Mansharamani and Aarti Tiwari who made even the darkest hour resound with the hope of perseverance. These two girls have given it and continue to give it their all and being abundantly grateful for that would be an understatement. The Maharshtra Cultural Centre, with it’s pedantic ways and diffident process, has been the greatest ally we could have ever found. Niloufer Sagar and the Indian Cartel, Salome Mehta and the Artistes Studio, Sujay Saple and Shafeshift Collective, Arka Mukhapadhya and the Arshinagar Project, Sundeep Rao and the various other artists and performers who are coming down for the festival  have shown us the meaning of true commitment and the spirit of communal creation.  We doff our hats for Sanee Awsarmal, MSIHMCT Alumni and Zodiac Foods for last-minute benefits and Nicholas D’Silva and the entire team of Scoop Interactive for sheer tolerance levels. We have lost our festival virginity with you guys and it has been the most amazing first time ever. Forgive us if we fall in love. 

We’ve discovered ways to keep going when we want give up, ways to lean in the Sheryl Sandberg would be proud of and ways to follow our hearts and give others the courage to do so as well. This may not be the perfect, little festival but it is the perfect base for the future – OQ’s, theatre’s and ultimately any creative endevour’s. We may be left with nothing when the curtains close, but we will certainly not be left empty – our hearts and minds will be full of gratitude and accomplishment, of camaraderie and confidence and even in the weary recesses of our minds, we’ll be planning for the next time. 

We answered the call. And we did it our way. 

For these and many more awesome opportunities to watch performances, interact with artists and create something new, do come on down for Pukaar 2014.

For tickets log on to:  http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=6159#.UvK55WKSyUo 

Pukaar Schedule Poster



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