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OQ is a theatre company and artists’ collective. Thus far, we have:


OQ’s Vision

Creating Alternative Narratives through new works of experimental and community theatre

OQ’s Mission

  • Bring a level of honesty and empathy to human communication by using drama to instigate dialogue
  • Help individuals and organizations tell their story through theatre-based processes
  • Conceptualize, curate and superbly execute cutting edge contemporary, experimental performance
  • Support, collaborate and partner with artists
  • Develop audiences for contemporary and edgy art

Selected Media Coverage

Sakaal Times | Sakaal Times | Tehelka Magazine | SaddaHaq | DNA | Pune Mirror | Citadel Magazine

About Founder & Artist Leader: Hina Siddiqui

MSK Perforance Pic

Hina Siddiqui is a writer, theatremaker, arts manager and creative entrepreneur based in Pune, India. She co-founded and leads Orchestrated Q’Works, a company that mainly develops alternative narratives through new works of experimental, immersive and durational performance. Hina also leads OQ’s community theatre programme in the form of Project Beard that brings individuals from Queer and Mainstream communities into the same room in order to create performance and art, while discovering constantly what queer and mainstream mean. She recently completed an internship with the SPILL International Festival of Performance, UK.

In 2009, Hina was the only Indian playwright writing in English at the 8th Women Playwrights International Conference. Since then, she has gone on to represent India at the Contact International Forum (Manchester) and to be featured in Key City Theatre’s International Playwrights line-up in Washington. In 2012, she was named one of Pune city’s four upcoming theatremakers by the Sakaal Times, an accolade that unfortunately did not come with a massive cash prize. In 2014, she collaborated with the Maharashtra Cultural Centre to conceptualize and bring to life Pune’s first and only Festival of English Theatre that brought together plays from 4 cities and 2 countries. In 2016, she facilitated an exchange of films between India and Pakistan on Independence Day in collaboration with Lost the Plot. Hina’s short stories have been published in the Urban Shots collections by GreyOak/Rupa.

Hina believes in provoking through theatre, bringing a level of honesty and empathy to human communication through the use of drama to instigate dialogue. In 2009, she wrote and directed White Noise, a play about the lives of a devdasi, a temple idol-maker, a Jain nun and a severely abused devotee of the Goddess Tara. The play was provocative enough to rouse local politicians in Pune, but went on to be performed across India. Her current work, being developed in collaboration with TIFA Working Studios, explores the intersections of women, labour and beauty starting with an exploration of the space of the beauty parlour.

She currently uses her experience in theatre and strategic thinking to manage communication and marketing at The Drama School, Mumbai. She also consults with theatre companies and artists on the best ways to develop sustainable strategies for co-existence in the absence of formal support and helps mentor young artists in Pune.

It might also be worth your while to read this awesome article about her and OQ written by Kanika Mansharamani for the Campus Diaries.

To know more about the plays we’ve staged and past projects, click here.

Write in to hinaqui@gmail.com if you want to know more.


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