Right off the top, let me clarify, this picture really doesn’t have much to with the rest of this entry. It’s an interesting picture and I’m sure the book’s good too.

And now that we have that out of the way…

Many would argue that the only difference between professional and amateur theatre is the fact that one gets paid for the former and not so much for the latter. And some would say that amateur theatre is the harder, far nobler of the two – after all ‘Professionals’ don’t have to jog in to rehearsals on empty stomachs after being chewed out by demented bosses and deranged math’s teachers for being ‘artists’ (say that in a fake Brit accent, I dare you!) and they certainly don’t have to put their creativity on hold to actually put food on the table. Basically, if you don’t recognize the theme, let me spell it out for you – Professionals don’t go HUNGRY! And amateurs, often wonder waif-like, with dilated pupils, stopping random passers-by with sad, little –  ‘Please Sir, may I have some more?’s. But gastronomical considerations aside, the true difference is that amateurs, oft-times, simply wake-up from the dream.


If you think this article is just another piece of prosaic meta-physicality thrown around by a theatre company that really has nothing better to do –  you would be right. And ultimately, this blog did miss out on being called ‘ravesandrants’ very closely, essentially because one of the writers had monopolized the term already. So the dream is, no, it’s not being on stage. Not just being on stage. It is about being someone on stage that you can never be in life. It is the dream that all of us ultimately have, of being among a crowd of an attuned insanity that accepts everything – tantrums, mood-swings, wada-pavs for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, some more tantrums, emotional speeches, escapism, artistic innovation, blackmail, tantrums,  smelly shirts, oily hair, pimples, did I mention tantrums? – of being who we are when we aren’t afraid and believing in something so much that we’d defend it to death. Theatre gives you that chance, an amateur theatre group gives you that security. You can dream, you can go crazy, and then you can wake-up and go back to the reality that waits beyond the audience – knowing that all you need to dream again is just walk backstage again.

See, Professionals don’t get to do that.


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