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An Introduction to: Parlour, or it all started with hair



The first beauty salon started in the 1800’s – one of the first businesses owned by, run by and catering to women. This performance examines intersections between the evolution of beauty, the work of women and gossip in a beauty parlour. And we might just end up giving the audience a haircut while we’re at it.

Parlour goes on to the rehearsal floor on the 28th of December 2016 at TIFA Working Studios. The work has about 8 dance and theatre artists involved from Mumbai and Pune. Over the next month we will explore various layers of labour and beauty through movement, text, music and processes. Since the beauty the parlour is the site of our work, a lot of the process involves research into and observations of the salon space and the people who work there.

We are currently looking for a writer-in-residence who can attend all rehearsals, conduct interviews and independent research in order to document the process and produce one or more pieces of written work as an outcome of it. This is a long-term process since labour and beauty is the first series of explorations.

Ideally we’d like someone who can write in at least one of the two languages – English and Marathi. To express an interest, please do send in your writing samples to hinaqui@gmail.com with the subject: Parlour Writers